How to feed a puppy

DON’T OVERFEED YOUR PUPPY. When you’re feeding a puppy, it’s very important to not over feed and to stay him at a healthy weight. Our analysis has shown that keeping your puppy at his ideal body condition will encourage correct growth and help stop future health issues related to blubber. SET UP A PLACE TO […]

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How To Teach a Puppy To Stay

A puppy who is aware of the “stay” cue can stay sitting till you raise him to get up by giving another cue, referred to as the “release word.” Staying in situ may be a length behavior. The goal is to show your dog to stay sitting till the discharge cue is given, then begin […]

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How To Teach a Puppy To Sit

There ar 2 completely different ways for showing your puppy what “sit” means that. The first method is named capturing. stand in front of your puppy holding a number of his pet food or treats. watch for him to sit down – say “yes” and provides him a treat. Then step backwards or sideways to […]

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How To Teach A Puppy To Come

You’ll wish to start coaching a recall (come once called) in an exceedingly quiet space and inside. Sit along with your puppy and say his name or the word “come.” whenever you say “come/name,” offer your puppy a treat. He doesn’t got to do something yet! simply repeat the word and provides a treat. Easy! […]

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