How To Teach a Puppy To Stay

A puppy who is aware of the “stay” cue can stay sitting till you raise him to get up by giving another cue, referred to as the “release word.” Staying in situ may be a length behavior. The goal is to show your dog to stay sitting till the discharge cue is given, then begin adding distance.

First, teach the discharge word. choose that word you’ll use, like “OK” or “free.” Stand with your puppy in a very sit or a stand, toss a treat on the ground, and say your word as he development to urge the treat. Repeat this a few of times till you’ll say the word initial so toss the treat once he begins to move. This teaches the dog that the discharge cue means that to move your feet.

When your dog is aware of the discharge cue and how to take a seat on cue, place him in a very sit, flip and face him, and provides him a treat. Pause, and give him another treat for staying in a very sit, then release him. step by step increase the time you wait between treats (it will facilitate to sing the ABC’s in your head and work your far the alphabet). If your dog gets up before the discharge cue, that’s ok! It simply means that he isn’t able to sit for that long therefore you’ll build it easier by going back to a shorter time.

Once your dog will keep in a sit for many seconds, you’ll begin adding distance. Place him in a very sit and say “stay,” take one step back, then step back to the pup, provides a treat, and your release word. Continue building in steps, keeping it simple enough that your dog will keep successful. observe each facing him and walking away together with your back turned (which is additional realistic).

Once your dog can keep, you’ll step by step increase the gap. this can be also true for the “sit.” The additional solidly he learns it, the longer he will stay sitting. The secret is to not expect an excessive amount of, too soon. training goals are achieved in increments, therefore you will need to cut down and focus on one thing at a time. to form positive the coaching “sticks,” sessions ought to be short and successful.

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